Third Voyage – Sam Adams

Raised in Massachusetts I can remember a time when Sam Adams (Boston Beer Co.) was a tiny upstart fighting its way into New England bars and restaurants. They were the craft beer David to AB InBev‘s Goliath. A few decades later and you’d be hard pressed to find a bar, restaurant, of beer retailer that […]

1881 – Ruhstaller

In this post-recession era of American capitalism, I think it is responsible for consumers and manufacturers alike to seek out quality products in their own backyard. Several brewers come to mind when I think of the symbiotic relationship between the California farmer and local brewers, but with a 132 year old tradition of producing beer […]

Vampire Slayer – Clown Shoes

Having thoroughly enjoyed my first encounter with Clown Shoes, Blaecorn Unidragon, I am not the least bit surprised that Vampire Slayer acheived an equal quality. The brew is balanced if nothing else and offers a fantastic flavor profile packaged in a creamy, enjoyable body. For lovers of high ABV stouts that get it right in […]