Paradox – Kinetic Brewing

20130218-133523.jpgUpon finishing a rare glass of Pliny at this morning’s Pliny The Younger event at Haven Gastropub in Old Town Pasadena, I found myself in search of a tasty follow-up that packed a punch. I discovered just that in Paradox by Kinetic Brewing Company. Classified on the menu as a “Belgian-style strong dark”, this brew strikes a delicate balance, achieving a smooth unique taste that’s perfect for a sunny afternoon on Haven’s street-side patio.

Coming in at 10.8%, Paradox is surprisingly smooth. The color is deep amber with a completely opaque cloudiness. Aroma is sweet with notes of caramel that doesn’t give away the forthcoming banana/malty flavors. The head is a thin white veil of tiny uniform bubbles that dissipate quickly, leaving next to no lace. Refreshing and lightly carbonated, the initial impact is of a standard dark Belgian but descends quickly into a banana bread flavor that smacks of butterscotch. A crisp light body with a clean finish.

20130218-133710.jpgOnly available on tap, this beer is certainly worth the trip and pairs quite nicely with Haven’s McCormick Alley Burger. It is available as part of a flight or in a tulip. A highly enjoyable drinking experience.

Name Paradox
Brewery Kinetic Brewing
Style Belgian Strong Ale
ABV 10.8%
Availability Limited Draft Release
Rating 4 out of 5


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