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20130310-173310.jpgIt’s a rare day that I go out to a restaurant and see a beer I’ve never heard of, but today is one of those days. I was at City Tavern in Culver City and came across Dust Bowl Brewing Russian Imperial Stout and was impelled to try it.

Equipped with my trusty smartphone, I was able to learn that Dust Bowl Brewing, based in Turlock California, has been in operation since 2009. For those who’ve never ventured off the 5 in the Central Valley, Turlock is one of those small settlement towns dating back to the expansion of the Pacific Railroad (it also had the distinction of having the most churches per capita in the US back in the 1930’s). Today it is probably best known for having one of the states largest producers of turkey. Like many places around California, Turlock has seen a revitalization in recent years and, naturally, that includes a brewery. Dust Bowl Brewing’s current lineup appears to have a good mix of hoppy and malty styles, but the Russian Imperial Stout is the first of their offerings that I have come across in Los Angeles.

20130310-173932.jpgThis beer has a black pour with a nice frothy mocha head. Earthy coffee with a subtle bittersweet, roasted malt dominate the aroma. This brew has a big body with a good amount of carbonation that provides for a pleasurable mouthfeel. The flavor starts with a roasty malt that moves to a bittersweet chocolate and finishes with a nice espresso bitterness. As it warms up, a dark fruit flavor becomes more pronounced in the front of the flavor. The aftertaste has a mix of cocoa nibs and espresso with a slight warming of the palate.

20130310-175549.jpgI paired this beer with City Tavern’s bourbon bread pudding and was very happy with the results. Though it does not deviate much from the traditional idea of a Russian imperial stout, it does very well at balancing all the flavors you want out of this style of beer. For being the first taste that I’ve hade from Dust Bowl, I am very much looking forward to seeing more of their brews make it down here to Los Angeles.

Name Russian Imperial Stout
Brewery Dust Bowl Brewing
Style Russian Imperial Stout
ABV 9.4%
Availability Limited Draft Release
Rating 4 out of 5

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