Mohawk Bend Celebrates 3rd Anniversary – 08/06

Mohawk3 copyWhat better way to beat the mid-week slump than by helping a great local craft beer establishment celebrate its third year in business? Mohawk Bend carries a Cali-centric selection of craft beer and spirits set in the gentrified remains of a movie theater, making this bar a must see for all craft beer lovers.

The event will feature the release of a special 3rd Anniversary beer – “Barrel-Aged Cocktail” as well as and an art exhibit!

“The Beer: This year, we brewed another collaboration with our sister company Golden Road Brewing. “MoHop” is a vibrant India Pale Lager generously dosed with hops from the southern hemisphere. This 6.5% IPL features a beautiful blend of Mosaic, Motueka, and Equinox to bring you a fruity brew with a nice hop bite. The beer will be tapped at 11:30a.

The Cocktail: The Antidote is a barrel-aged featuring barrel-aged Bourbon, cherry, orange, and house-made Ritual Bitters.

The Art: Our Ramona Room will house a collection of local art curated by Mohawk Bend family member Donovan Aste ft. Mia Rodriquez, Adam Roth, Lyle Wessles, Justen Hernandez, and Mike Jasorka.
** Opening Reception will be held Aug. 6th from 5:30-7:00. ** “

For more info check out the event page on Facebook.


Oinkster Burger Week IV Beer Pairing – Day 5 Big Max

Oinkster Burger Wekk IVAs we march forward towards the end of The Oinkster’s Burger Week IV, today we get a classed up version of an American classic, The Big Mac. This particular burger has graced the Burger Week line up for a couple of years now and judging from the crowd at opening today, it will probably be back again. And now let us get to the two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun. Continue reading

Oinkster Burger Week IV Beer Pairing – Day 4 The Pantera Burger

Oinkster Burger Wekk IVWe’ve reached the halfway point of The Oinkster’s Burger Week IV and, appropriately so, today’s burger is the annual Grill ‘Em All guest burger, The Pantera Burger. Compared to the first few days burgers, this one is definitely a heavy hitter that’s not for the weak (or those with heart problems).

Oinkster Burger Week IV Beer Pairing - Day 4 The Pantera BurgerGrill ‘Em All, for those not tapped into the LA burger scene, is a heavy metal themed burger paradise. Originally starting as a food truck, they were able to open a brick and mortar location after winning Food Network’s Great Food Truck Race. If you’re ever out in Alhambra and desiring a massive burger with loads of flavor, I highly recommend looking them up (and their beer selection ain’t bad either). Continue reading

Oinkster Burger Week IV Beer Pairing – Day 3 Turducken

Oinkster Burger Wekk IVSo far we’ve eased into The Oinkster’s Burger Week IV, but starting today the gloves are off. The Turducken is a burger that does not mess around, with a mix of duck, turkey, and chicken that would put your standard holiday meal to shame.

The turducken is the modern American descendant of the time old European tradition of stuffing birds inside birds (like one French recipe that involved 17 DIFFERENT BIRDS being stuffed within each other). Your traditional turducken involves a turkey stuffed with a duck, stuffed with a chicken, and then filled with sausage and stuffing. A number of variants exist, but the general idea is to layer several types of fowl together. It gained a good deal of popularity thanks to John Madden, who for a good stretch of years would have a turducken during his Thanksgiving football broadcast. Continue reading

Oinkster Burger Week IV Beer Pairing – Day 2 HotBurg on a Stick

Oinkster Burger Wekk IVWe’ve made it to day 2 of The Oinkster’s Burger Week IV and today’s burger is definitely something you’ve never seen before, the HotBurg on a Stick. This burger is an homage to the shopping mall staple Hotdog on a Stick but with a Burger Week twist.

Oinkster Burger Week IV Beer Pairing - Day 2 HotBurg on a StickSo for those sheltered few, Hotdog on a Stick is a purveyor of corn dogs, “fresh squeezed” lemonade, and ridiculous employee uniforms. Though nothing to speak of culinarily, it does hold a certain sweet spot in the California psyche. So naturally The Oinkster turned it into a crazy hybrid burger. It consists of a Nebraska Angus roll stuffed with cheese, cornmeal-battered and deep-fried on a stick with a side of fries. And to add an extra bit of authenticity, they’ll have limeade available for the day.

Continue reading

Oinkster Burger Week IV Beer Pairing – Day 1 The Cheesesteak Burger of Philadelphia

Oinkster Burger Wekk IVAt around 9:30am today, several people formed a line infront of The Oinkster in Eagle Rock thus kicking off Burger Week IV. For those not in the know, The Oinkster has been hosting their annual Burger Week since 2010. For a full seven days they craft a different burger for each day of the week that will never be served again. They go all over the map, from homages to the titans of the burger world like the Big Mac and the Double Double to crazy off the wall collaborations with the guys from Grill ‘Em All. For the die hards out there that go all 7 days, a special prize will be given out on Sunday (in past years it has been a t-shirt). The Oinkster also have a pretty good beer list all year round, so for Burger Week IV Beer Guy LA will be giving you our suggested beer pairing for each burger. Continue reading

Ol’ Burro Brewery – Golden Road’s Entry Into Contract Brewing

Ol' Burro boxesThere’s a new name in having your name on a beer in LA, Golden Road Brewing. Since one of the biggest players in the contract brewing game, Firestone Walker, announced that they would be starting to discontinue their contract operations there has been some question as to who would step up and fill the demand for house label beers. As of today, it would be safe to say the Golden Road has stepped up to the challenge. In the past 7 months, they have started brewing house label beers for both The Lazy Dog restaurant and Barney’s Beanery, but had not ventured into the packaged beer market. But that changes today with the introduction of Ol’ Burro Brewery, a house label beer for Trader Joe’s. Continue reading