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Angel City Avocado Ale logoAngel City is at it again with their crazy one offs. Following in the wake of White Nite, French Sip, and Pickle Weisse, they have released Avocado Ale to coincide with their first annual Avocado Festival. The festival was a big hit, with its guacamole tastings and avocado knowledge quiz, but this fermented ode to California’s favorite green fruit definitely took center stage.

The beer started with head brewer Dieter Foerstner driving out to his grandmother’s ranch and picking 200 pounds of fresh Fuerte avocados. After pitting and skinning the avocados, he started brewing a German style kolsch to which he added avocados to in almost every stage of the brewing process. he also added garlic, red pepper, and lime peel to compliment the avocado. Surprisingly this isn’t the first avocado beer to make an appearance in Southern California, with Island Brewing Company brewing Avocado Honey Ale for the annual Santa Barbara Avocado Festival (but their beer uses avocado blossom honey instead of the actual thing).

Angel City Avocado Ale PourThe beer pours a cloudy golden orange with a bit of foamy white head. The aroma is mostly wheat with a nice citrus character and a bit of pepper and cilantro. The body is pretty light with a lively amount of carbonation. The flavor starts with a bright floral and citrus note that quickly moves to savory wheat and finishes on a mild avocado creaminess. The aftertaste has a continuing avocado creaminess that compliments citrusy wheat flavors and just a hint of savory spice.

I was kinda surprised by this one. I went into it thinking flavor, but came to the realization that it’s more about texture when it comes to avocado. If I were to taste test this one blind I’m not sure I could call it out as having avocados in it, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Its got a light refreshing citrus character that makes it very drinkable and the avocado really just enhances it.

If you’re interested in tasting this brew for yourself, you’ll have to head on down to Angel City’s tasting room for a pour (and possibly growler fills in the near future). I asked Dieter if this brew had a future at Angel City and he said it really depends on how it’s received by their fans, but don’t rule it out if there is a 2nd annual Avocado Festival next year.

Name Avocado Ale
Brewery Angel City Brewery
Style Kolsh
ABV 4.5%
Availability One time limited draft release
Rating 4 out of 5

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