Stone Brewing Co – Mixtape Ale Vol 2 CH & HS’s Blend

Back in March of 2012 Stone Brewing Co released the first of their Mixtape series, Stone Mixtape Ale Vol 1 GK & LU’s Blend, which I was a big fan of. This time around they’ve let two more people blend up their favorite Stone brews and release it upon the masses in the form of Mixtape Ale Vol 2 CH & HS’s Blend.

Mixtape Ale Vol 2 is the creation of Hollie Stephenson and Casey Harris, a brewer and assistant brewer at Stone respectively, and incorporates 2012 Imperial Russian Stout, 2011 Old Guardian Barleywine, 2011 Double Bastard, and 2012 Smoked Porter. Unlike Mixtape Vol 1, there were no post blend additives or dry hopping done to this release. Coming in at 9.8% ABV, it’s definitely a slow sipper.

The pour is a very dark brown that, if you hold up to a light, is pretty clear. The head is a nice off white color with a fine bubbly texture. There is a very strong malt aroma with notes of chocolate and coffee with a nice grassy hop peaking through. The mouthful has a medium body and a good amount of carbonation. There is a good play between the hops and the malt. The flavor starts with a hit of bitter hops, a la Double Bastard, and moves to a sweet malt with notes of chocolate and caramel that sticks around into the grassy hop finish. The aftertaste is a mix of a lasting bitter grassy hop and subtle undertones of sweet malts.

Overall this was an enjoyable brew but was lacking a bit of something to make it more than just a blend of malty and hoppy flavors. I think what I really liked about Mixtape Vol 1 was the additional spunk that the sage, hot peppers, lemon thyme, and extra hopping brought to the flavor and getting to see how those flavors mellowed out over time. I’d say this is a brew that any Stone fan should give a taste but is not one you should go too far out of your way to find (that’s not to say I didn’t pickup a growler of it when it was available in Pasadena). Just like the last Mixtape, this is a one time brew with limited release but should make the rounds at any special occasions and possibly the better beer bars around town. Be sure to keep an eye on the Stone Company Store Pasadena Facebook page for info on possible growler fills in the future.

Name Mixtape Ale Vol 2 CH & HS’s Blend
Brewery Stone Brewing Co.
Style Strong Ale
ABV 9.8%
Availability Very limited draft and growler fills
Rating 3 out of 5

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