The Bruery – Otiose

20120523-210029.jpgHere is my micro-review of The Bruery Otiose, a sour brown ale that is aged in oak barrels with guavas. I got to try this one at The Bruery Anniversary Tasting Dinner at Spice Table, where it was paired with a coconut caramel apple crumble.
The pour is a cloudy cherry brown with a nice amount of head that leaves a persistent ring as it dissipates. The aroma is reminiscent of tart apple with a bit of underlying guava. Medium body with a good amount of carbonation. The flavor starts with a strong sour tartness with notes of apples and cherries that progresses to a very dry oaky guava finish and aftertaste.

Overall this is a very tasty sour and the guava brings a nice bit of tropical twang. Not sure if I will ever see this one again, but definitely worth a try. Also, for those wondering, otiose is a real word and means to serve no practical purpose or result.

Name Otiose
Brewery The Bruery
Style Sour Brown Ale
ABV 8.2%
Availability Rare
Rating 4 out of 5

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