Ballast Point – Habanero Sculpin

20120728-191854.jpgI’m here at Far Bar enjoying the Summer Beer Fest and for my first review I wanted to do something a bit crazy. So I present Ballast Point Habanero Sculpin. And to compliment this burning brew I present my review in haiku.

Clear gold pepper smell

Crisp and clean with light mouthful

Dear god mouth’s burning

Hopefully that gives you an idea of what this beer is all about. I generally enjoy spicy food and such, so I will generally get a bit of this one when it’s on tap. The burning sensation does take a bit of getting used to, but as you sip it some of the other flavors start to appear, namely nice citrus and grassy hops with a bit of malt.20120728-181307.jpg But it is definitely not for those who don’t enjoy a strong burn all the way down. This one is pretty rare and only shows up a special events, but is a pretty predictable one to see a couple times a year.

Name Habanero Sculpin
Brewery Ballast Point
Style IPA
ABV 7.0%
Availability Very Limited Draft Release
Rating 3 out of 5

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